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amazing blog an very helpful,a because of covid-19 it is very important to disinfect the home properly to keep the virus and germ away, disinfection pest control service is important, Thank you so much for sharing this,

How much notice should the landlord provide for in-home pest control? Where should this info be posted? Are they legally required to post the info, and for how long before they come?

@Bonita, Good question. It usually depends on the state you are in. I'll send a private email.

My landlord just sprayed without notice and found out by accident. What can I do? No harm caused, yet.

@Trevor, It's unfortunate you were not given notice that pesticides were sprayed in your home. Check your lease. Find out what the lease says about entering your apartment. Also check to see what the pesticide notification laws are in your state.
Did your landlord apply the chemicals? If applying pesticides in someone else's home you typically need a pesticide applicator license. In some states there are certain exceptions for landlords.

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Very informative blog. Due to this COVID-19 it is very important to get sanitization and disinfestation for our house and office. Also it is necessary to get pest control treatment done so that we can live in pest free and virus free environment

Very interesting website it is. I saw many different posts here and all are very interesting and informative.

What a beautiful blog wrote by you, and you explain all important things and factors involve in this blog which are really important in pandemic time and time of pest control.

Doing great job and now I'm becoming a fan of your writing skill.

Good to read this post. Due to this COVID-19, it is very important to get sanitization and disinfestation for our house and office. Also, it is necessary to get pest control treatment done so that we can live in a pest-free and virus-free environment.

Thank you!

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