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Over the last five years, I've been providing IPM services to several PHAs in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Most of my work is with bed bugs in multi-family dwellings. I've been lucky in that I have made connections with Dr. Gale Ridge from the CT Agricultural Experimental Station, Dr. Richard Cooper from Bed Bug Central and Dr. Allison Taisey, formally from StopPests. These connections have helped guide my approach to pest prevention,building remediation and educating staff and residents on IPM. There is one property in particular, that has embraced IPM under difficult circumstances, whose story I would like to share with the Northeastern Center for IPM and it's followers.
I have prepared a document with measurable outcomes, much like the Vtech presentation. Mostly, I want to highlight the progress that has been made by the housing staff in taking pest prevention in-house. Besides this blog, can you suggest how I would go about doing this? Thank you.

Astrid, thanks so much for offering to share your experience with us! What you mention sounds like great info to be shared with our housing partners and followers in general. I will contact you by email soon to work out the details.

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