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Sounds like a good webinar. Can I make some suggestions for this release? Include Dr Millers title and affiliation. Is she with Cornell or VT? What does she do? Also, the article says, "Working in Cooperative Extension for the last 13 years, I’ve watched the bed bug resurgence from its early stages." Who wrote the article? What are their credentials? I would like to promote this webinar in GA, but I think people would be more likely to attend if they had this info up front. Thanks for letting me share! :)

Thanks Willie, I love feedback. I, Susannah Reese, wrote the blog piece. Dr. Miller is the Urban Pest Management specialist for the state of Virginia and heads up the Dodson Pest Management Lab at Virginia Tech.

Looking for more bed bug resources?

Dr. Miller’s work is summarized in Virginia Tech’s bed bug fact sheets: http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/pesticides/bedbugs-facts.shtml

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