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Agree that there are something you can do for prevention but a professional is always advised for pest inspections as there may be things unseen which can be detected with professional equipment

I agree with inspecting everything that comes into your home, but I'd also suggest not buying some things used. Picking up a mattress or couch at a garage sell is just asking for trouble. Either inspect it thoroughly there, or always try to buy your mattresses new.

Jenn, Thank you for your comment. As a rule of thumb, we also suggest not to get used mattresses and furniture, specially from the street. However, in situations where buying a new mattress/couch is not possible (usually for economic reasons), doing a thorough inspection before taking the item -as you mentioned- or bringing it into your home, would be the recommended way to proceed.

In addition, some multi-family housing sites have started to provide container or portable heat treatment for their residents, mostly for bed bug control. This is a great alternative, specially for larger complexes with high turnover and/or low-income tenants who normally bring used furniture.

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