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I feel so bad for everyone who has to deal with termites. Fortunately I've never had a problem with them. What do you do if you have a problem?

This is great information. I'm going to try these tricks on my local building contractors in Edmonton and see if I can get a deal. I found some other good tips http://www.superiorbuildings.ca/services.html at this website.

So you have to keep the (http://www.snowballpestcontrol.com/termite-control) termites out, right? My friend was having a lot of crap happen to him up in Cincinnati OH because of stuff like this. Not the prettiest thing to go through.

We are going to start some new construction in Salem, Oregon. This is really good to know! Thanks for all your great advice. http://3rsconstruction.com/remodel/

So glad you all are enjoying this resource!
Re: termites...call a professional to eliminate termites. Here is more information on from a previous blog post: http://stoppests.typepad.com/ipminmultifamilyhousing/2011/04/termites.html

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