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I'm just starting to study for BCE. I've put it off for too many years, because I didn't want to pay for it out of pocket. How bad were the exams?

Hi James, congrats on going for it! I felt the same way.

The exams were definitely challenging, but none of the questions were unreasonable knowing that to qualify you need a degree in entomology. Personally, I over-studied the PCO content (droplet sizes, application equipment, etc.), didn't study lawn/landscape pests enough, and always struggle to keep all the active ingredients in my head.

The exam went into anatomy and physiology detail, but didn't require you to know many scientific names. I found my (dusty) entomology 101 notes and Truman's Scientific Guide to be extremely helpful.

Feel free to be in touch via e-mail (aat25@cornell.edu) if you want to talk about it more!


I totally agree... Pest Control professionals seem to be some of the best people, and continuing education is not only important for licensing but it also help you get better and batter with your technique. Thanks for the resource!

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