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I wish I could have gone to the NCUE. Thanks for sharing some of the research presented. I'm rearing three separate colonies of bed bugs, for teaching purposes, and I've not had good luck at getting the populations to grow very fast. I feed them on myself. The younger instars seem to not fed enough before they die. I usually let each colony feed for about 30 minutes once a week. How often do you feed?

Favorite subject: bed bugs
Favorite Author: Allison Taisey
Its Friday night after a long day of inspections and I'm cuddled up on the coach with my IPAD reading about bed bug research. Fabulous! Thank you, for sharing,every ounce of information is useful.

Mr. Butler: I offer my colonies blood for 20-30 minutes about every week because I am going to population growth. I asked your question to Dr. Harold Harlan who has been keeping colonies for many many years and he said he feeds his colonies about once a month to maintain them (every week to grow them).

Mr. Butler,
Are you the same James Butler doing a talk on bed bugs at the Maritime institute on Jan 29-30? I am looking for a speaker to do a talk in Southern Maryland on Feb 13. Could be the same talk. Herb Reed hreed@umd.edu

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