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I had a pest control person come in and spray the other day b4 that one wasn't seeing them horrible I seen maybe 1 or 2 a day now I see a lot more will do that right after they apray

Use XXXX bait gel and bait arenas. Don't waste time with commercial exterminators. You will be vacuuming and sweeping dead roaches around five times a day. The products are amazing.

i live in a three room apartment with my other 5 family members and Im only 14 so I cant do much but clean and put down traps, baits, and sprays that arent working. we are pretty clean. we dont have the money for an exterminator right now, and the landlord had them treat our building a few months ago. now the infestation has got worse. every time I go in the kitchen I see at least one if not a few. Everywhere I turn. Even the bathroom too. I think they are german but not exactly sure. My friend has to stay with us on Saturday nights and I don't know what to do. I can't keep making excuses, but I can't have people here with roaches. I need help ASAP. Talking to the landloard isn't an option. I need to get rid of them for good, this is causing a lot of trouble.

HI Alexis, I already replied by email but wanted to reply to your comment here to share these tips with others. Sprays don't do much except kill the cockroaches you can see. A better IPM approach would be to eliminate any and all food (wipe counters and appliances, clean up spills, pick up pet food at night, seal food in containers or in fridge), remove water source (leaky pipes, pet bowls etc), seal any entryways (look under sink around pipes and for any other holes in the walls and seal them with a silicone sealant, and finally get a good bait product. Most stores sell various bait stations for cockroaches. Baits bring the poison to the bugs as opposed to sprays where we rely on the bug to walk through and pick up enough poison. Get some stick roach traps, put them under sinks and other out of the way places in the kitchen. when you see zero cockroaches on those traps you'll know the problem is solved. And My advice to anyone (if you your landlord is not helping) is talk to your local code enforcer and see if they can help. No one has to live with cockroaches!

Thanks for the excellent advice! You're right many people can take care of a cockroach infestation on their own with eliminating food and water, sealing up cracks and crevices, using gel baits or bait stations and continuing to monitor with sticky traps. BUT some cockroach infestations need a professional's help. This is the case in multifamily housing where a population can't be controlled by treating just one apartment, Often they are a building-wide issue or at least have spread through multiple apartments. If you kill the ones in your apartment there's nothing stopping the cockroaches in your neighbor's apt from finding a way in. That's why if you live in multifamily housings you should always report a cockroach sighting or infestation to your building manager.

I had to XXXX out the brand name becausee we can't promote one brand over another but there are many excellent bait products out there. Always good to switch up once in a while too. Cockroaches can become resistant to or avoid a bait if it is used all the time. every three months select a product with a different active ingredient and switch back and forth between at least two different active ingredients

I own a condominium complex in Canada that is infested with a South American type roach. The problem has been going on for at least 5 years in spite of what our Board says is a monthly pest control treatment program.

I have lost 2 tenants this year because of these pests. Recently, while my unit was vacant and clean - 34 dead roach bodies were discovered one day. I'm being told that the Board is doing everything it can, and that it's impossible to get rid of them all. The building is otherwise clean and well maintained,in a prestigious neighborhood. I'm not convinced they are doing enough.

As pest control experts, how would you approach dealing with such a persistent problem? Should the building garbage chutes be closed for use to reduce the food sources in the common areas? Should cameras be used to see in the wall voids around the pool area where there is heat and moisture to look for nests?

My unit is affected more than any others it seems and I'm at my wits end trying to deal with this.

Would love your insights.

Hi, my sister has a SEVERE cockroach situation after a long depression as well as finding out that there is a massive infestation (not her fault) under the building. We threw everything out. They sprayed once last week, and are coming back in tomorrow. We are talking that you couldn’t walk without stepping on one.

I currently have her dogs, whom she does care greatly for. When would it be safe for them to go back? I don’t want them eating them. This is a different situation than a few. We are talking THOUSANDS! They are viewable during the day. They are EVERYWHERE!!! I’m not sure how it is after the first spray, but I’m scared for them. Should I keep them for another week?

My mom had some roaches at her house, then moved in with me. I saw a roach here and there so called exterminator. They sprayed inside home and pushed insecticides throughout home in vent. I'm seeing a roach here and there. So far I've seen 5 in a months time. On different days or weeks. Do I have an infestation? It's been about 2 weeks and I just saw one. It was the morning.

Hi. I live with my grandma and we both are disabled. Our house is infested to the point we want to move out. We have tried sparys, traps, powder, even pouring bleach. Basically, it is to the point that we cant handle or take care of. We also cant aford to patch up holes or get a pest control. My family is limited on money. Its so bad now, we cant even keep food in the house. I would like some very helpful advice that can fix our problem without so much money. I try my best to help my grandma with the infestation, but we are overpowered. They are also in our yard... The german roaches actually infested the neighbourhood. Im posting this without my grandma knowing, she is too embarrassed for others to know.We live in a badly built habitat home and everything is falling apart. My grandma already fell through the floor.. So even more bugs come in. We also live right next to the woods.€

I and my wife live in apartment building in Aberdeen Washington and the apartment building is inficted with cockroaches i had a allergies reaction to cockroaches I had to call 911 I had shortness of breath and thightness in my chest and red blood sopts on my arms and later after left her I a seager my wife called 911 The doctor amitd in hospital for that night The bad thing the landlord he's a pastor the landlord

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