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Roaches are a huge problem in most houses and apartments. We also had that dilemma last year when our children got sick due to asthma. So we made it a point to regularly keep an eye out for those pests, and we still do after a year of being roach-free.

This is a really helpful post. Boric acid works really well for roaches and is free of chemicals, something the last poster would appreciate. Controlling what comes into your home I think really helps control roaches.

Baits didn't do too well for me. I moved into a house that was infested with roaches and the previous resident used baits EVERYWHERE. In fact, 2 years later, I still find bits a pieces of the baits she used (getting them off after so long was quite a hassle). Yet when I moved in, it seemed like it wasn't working at all because they were everywhere. Eventually I turned to dusting with boric acid powder and lots of cleaning. I removed all the baseboards in the kitchen and dusted the little space where the wall meets the floors. I also dusted under kitchen cabinets. I did take almost a year before I was completely free of roaches (at least I don't see any anymore).

Jim, Thanks for sharing about your experience with boric acid vs. baits. Baits are known to work well in many situations, but sometimes roaches just don't like and thus avoid certain baits. In your case, even though it took a long time, it sounds like you addressed the problem correctly and your efforts finally paid of!

I recently moved into anew apartment, unaware that there was a bug problem, I have all of my food that’s in cabinets in containers, no paper, all of my books are in plastic containers, I put boric acid down, I have been chalking up all of the cracks, I clean, sweep, keep sink with rubber stopper, dry up all of the water in sinks, steel wool around front door, I will be getting the copper to replace the steel wool, at this point I don’t see many, I will buy them the Sticky Stuff, so I can monitor how well all of my efforts are working. I too have breathing issues, and these pests just are not an option. I know that hat I will have to continue to do these things for prevention. I may speak with manager about all of the residents being more proactive. Thanks

Thank you for such a useful article

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