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Where can red ant mounds be found (besides geographic location)? Always in dirt or in sand as well? And away from water sources? Just curious because I have definitely come across these guys in California!

Thanks to entomologist Drs. Fudd Graham and Mike Merchant for helping me with this response!

Red imported fire ants are not widely established yet in So. Cal, but as far as I know are in parts of Orange and L.A. counties, and in the Palm Springs area. They prefer disturbed areas (read almost any human modified landscape) in sunny locations. They are rarely found nesting in deep woods or other shady locations. Colonies are usually outdoors, but occasionally may be found under buildings or even in wet roofs, or walls. They like water (they are from flood plains originally) but do not put the mounds in wet areas.

You can find the counties in CA affected at the link below by clicking on the overlays for Biological Records of IFA, USDA quarantined counties, and additional state quarantines (or just turn off overlays for potential ranges).


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