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Hi Allie -
You mention you're going to post about precautions for people who visit bed bug-infested locations as part of their job. Could you say anything about schools?

I am a teacher now and work in a huge NYC elementary school where many of our children live in bed bug-infested homes. We know the kids sometimes bring bed bugs into school with them, and there have been cases where teachers (and presumably other students) have then brought them home.

Most teachers now keep their coats, sweaters and any backpacks/purses in those giant ziplock bags from the minute we arrive until the minute we leave. Many of us also avoid sitting on the carpets, though that is really impossible to avoid completely. I know one teacher who throws all her clothes into the dryer the minute she gets home - fearing bed bugs will hitchhike home on her clothes. Do you think these sorts of precautions are necessary? Effective? Enough?

--an old Cornell acquaintance :)

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