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From Sam Bryks in Canada:

Very happy to see there is no mention of any pesticides in the article. A few interesting things about these creatures: one of the reasons they are called vinegar flies is because of their prevalence in vinegar fermentation as the larvae actually thrive in concentrated vinegar! They crawl up the sides of the huge high barrels and pupate on the surfaces. But of course, they love any kind of fermenting item—a bit of dropped fruit, or spilled juice- even moist bread...that has fermented.

A bit of caution about enzyme or bacterial drain cleaners... enzymatic cleaners are corrosive as they break down organic matter, so caution is key and the bacterial cleaners are live bacteria and althought not strictly speaking, primary pathogens, they can be facultative pathogens, and a splash in the eyes is not a good thing. Both of these are fairly slow acting. Some oxy household cleaner that is peroxide based is not bad, and a bit of mechanical action with a "snake" type of instrument is good too.

For apartment buildings the drain cleaning is a building maintenance issue. For homes or townhomes, unless there is a fair organic load, it is not usually a huge issue, but as noted in the article, cleaning of moist areas is key.

I live in apt of old building. 4 apts upstairs 3 business down. We have a horder in an apt. The beer cans, animal waste, old food in knee deep. The rest of us are clean we are all complaining about fruit flies. Can this apt be the cause or source , like they come out of that apt or seep thro n friut flies throughout the whole building?? Thank you for your input

Hi Carolyn, I don’t believe fruit flies can travel that far (from apt-apt) but depending on the construction of your building (connecting vents etc) it’s possible.
Here are some tips:

1. don’t leave any produce out on the counters. If you're in the north cooler temps are coming and fruit flies numbers will drop. Can you keep fruits and veggies in the fridge or enclosed some how?
2. They even can breed in the gunk that collects in the drain. Clean the drain catcher regularly. (there are such things as drain flies, and phorid flies that can breed in drains. these would take other control measures so make sure what you are seeing is actually fruit flies.
3. Keep a bottle of soapy water on the counter. Whenever you see them flying around, spray them. Sometimes I take the vacuum hose and suck them up.
4. Make a trap. Put a piece of fruit in a cup (juice or vinegar work too). And make a funnel out of paper. Put the small hole side down and tape to the edge of the cup. The flies will go in but won’t figure out how to get out. Dispose of the flies that you collect or spray them with soapy water. Search the internet for a DIY fruit fly trap so you can see what I’m talking about.
5. I've found some banana scented sticky cards but i don't know where you would get those. you can always buy the sticky cards they make for houseplants and place them where you see the most fruit flies. you can even place a small piece of fruit on the card to attract them.

There’s some other concerns in my mind with a hoarding neighbor but it may be beyond what you can do. Cockroaches would be a bigger concern. If I were you I would buy some cockroach sticky traps to monitor. Put them under the sink and against walls in the dark corners of your kitchen. it’s best to be on top of a cockroach infestation early. Let me know if you have questions on any of this.
Good luck with the fruit flies.
~Susannah Reese, StopPests in Housing

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