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Residents may use sticky traps or fly tape to catch some flies, but the infestation won’t be stopped until the goo is gone.

I had my experience of the black bugs just later part of the last year. It was scary that every night they would come out. Every part of the place they would gather and fly.

I can't stand those things. I use sprays as soon as i see them. I really hate them.

Re: Mr. Arvizu, the spray will only kill the adults, not get rid of the infestation. If you're seeing the adults, it probably means there is a drain pipe that needs cleaning.
For the adults, rather than spray, we recommend simply using a vacuum or grabbing them with a tissue and flushing it down the toilet. They are really slow fliers and are easy to catch. Save yourself the cost of the spray and the risk of putting pesticide on your walls.
Good luck!

Ok. So I have a huge drain that I can't cover. I live in an rv and they come out of my toilet at night. Because we get up at night to use the rest room we can just air out the septic at night either.... how do I cover a hole that is so large to keep the bugs out? If there is some kind of seen window type material I could use, that would work right?? But where do I get it... and how do I install it?

I meant screen type material in my last comment above. ^

Alex, I'm so sorry I missed this comment when you posted it back in May! Very fine mesh screening should keep flies out but I'm not certain I completely understand what's going on. I'll send some resources to you via email.

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